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Our Institutional Monitoring Service

We help our clients protect their constituents and investors' assets as well as their portfolio performance by monitoring a side of their investments on which they often don't have the time and tools to focus. Through our Institutional Monitoring Program, we help our clients complete their risk management programs by focusing on losses that - through no fault of their own - already exist on their balance sheets. Losses that have been sustained as a result of fraud can be recovered, and while you focus on future investments and performance, we monitor and study the circumstances surrounding your investment history. We focus on identifying and winning back fraud-related losses that would otherwise fall by the wayside, unfairly and unnecessarily hurting performance and, along with it, investors and pensioners.

Protecting your portfolio from fraud-related losses requires two things: knowledge of frauds affecting you, and the tools to identify and follow the course of action that best promotes your interests when frauds occur. Our fee and commitment-free Institutional Monitoring Service affords you with both.

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