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Our Process

Our team, led by partner Ira Press and composed of senior industry analysts, experienced attorneys, our in-house forensic accountant, and our on-retainer private investigator, continually monitors financial markets closely for signs of fraud. Their efforts are supplemented by our powerful computer database. The database is supplied with our clients' trading data from their custodian banks, and uses this information to track all of the securities lawsuits filed or settled which pertain to our clients' holdings. This dual approach - human and technological - ensures that no fraud-related losses in our clients' portfolios go unnoticed, regardless of whether a relevant case has already been filed. Our monitoring program is completely secure and confidential -- our clients' trading data is protected by complete physical, network, application, and data security.

When a potentially fraudulent situation affecting one of our clients comes to our attention, we assemble our team of attorneys, analysts, and our forensic accountant to determine if the case is meritorious. Our team reviews the complaint allegations on file, if any, the relevant SEC filings, as well as conference call transcripts and news articles. We also check for governmental or regulatory proceedings or non securities-related criminal or civil litigation against the company that might bear on the securities fraud claims. Finally, the team checks for evidence of fraudulent intent or motive (such as insider sales), and examines the circumstances that gave rise to legal disclosure duties.

If our team determines that the case does indeed have merit, we analyze potential damages and determine likely recoveries for our client. We then guide the client through the process of deciding whether to seek lead plaintiff appointment, pursue individual litigation, or remain a passive class member.

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