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For seven decades, Kirby McInerney has specialized in the representation of investors and shareholders who have been harmed by corporate misconduct. Our achievements during this period include trial victories, the recovery of up to 100% of our clients’ losses through settlements, and successes on appeal.  

We have consistently been on the vanguard of the plaintiff’s bar and utilize hard work and “out-of-the-box” thinking to successfully protect our clients’ interests against what others often perceive to be difficult odds. Our attorneys have achieved landmark victories for our clients throughout the history of the firm.  Some of our major successes include:

2015:  Dandong v. Pinnacle Performance, Ltd.  Kirby McInerney pioneered strategy to avoid the Supreme Court’s Morrison holding and bring securities–based claims on behalf of investors in securities purchased overseas under the common law.  KM also obtained class certification of common law fraud claims despite the absence of a presumption of reliance.

2012: Kirby McInerney succeeds in procuring a $590 million settlement - one of the largest on record - for class members in In re Citigroup Inc. Securities Litigation.

2006:  Through unique proactive strategic initiatives, Kirby McInerney was able to recover over 100 cents on the dollar for our clients in the Cendant Corporation PRIDES Litigation.

2000: Rothman v. Gregor marks the first ever appellate reversal of a lower court's dismissal of a class action suit pursuant to the 1995 Private Securities Litigation Reform Act.  Prior to our success, many observers had thought appellate victory impossible.

1995Epstein v. MCA establishes two-tiered tender offers as illegal in the Federal Court.

1990-2000:  Kirby McInerney achieves trial victories in both Vladimir v. U.S. Banknote Corp. and Gerber v. Computer Associates International, Inc. during a period in which there were fewer than ten securities class action trial victories nationwide.

1990Schneider v. Lazard Freres successfully sets the precedent that investment banks have direct duties to the shareholders of the companies they advise.

1985In re Carnation Co., Securities Exchange Act Release establishes a company’s denial of deal negotiations to investor as illegal.

1983:   Malchman v. Davis separates AARP from Colonial Penn. 


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