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At Kirby McInerney, we defend the interests of individual, corporate and municipal consumers who have been injured by the anticompetitive and unfair business practices of manufacturers, suppliers, purchasers and competitors attempting to defy antitrust regulations. Our attorneys have extensive experience prosecuting cases against corporations for violations of the full breadth of antitrust laws: illegal price fixing, unlawful monopolization, monopoly leveraging, illegal tying arrangements, illegal mergers or acquisitions, unfair competition, exclusive dealing and refusals to deal. Utilizing class action litigation on behalf of public and private entities and individuals in federal and state courts throughout the United States, our attorneys successfully protect our clients’ interests and recoup much of the losses they have sustained as a result of the anticompetitive corporate behavior of companies with whom they do business or compete. 

When competition thrives in the marketplace, consumers are able to cast their dollar votes for the companies that provide the best products at the best price, ensuring that only the best companies survive in the long run. In a marketplace without competition, consumers lose their power, and standards of corporate output inevitably decline to their lowest common denominator. Antitrust laws, and the firms - like Kirby McInerney - that enforce them, exist to ensure that the market remains competitive. By defending the interests of individual aggrieved consumers, we are proud to simultaneously help to make the market a safer place to do business for everyone.



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