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Institutional Monitoring
KM’s Institutional Monitoring Program complements institutional investors’ existing risk management programs by focusing on losses that - through no fault of their own - already exist on their balance sheets. By monitoring clients’ investment portfolios, KM identifies and attempts to win back fraud-related losses that would otherwise fall by the wayside, unfairly and unnecessarily hurting performance.

KM’s Institutional Monitoring Team is comprised of dedicated attorneys and analysts. The Institutional Monitoring Team relies on the firm’s powerful computer database, which is populated with clients’ transactional data that are provided pursuant to agreements with clients’ custodial banks. The Institutional Monitoring Team uses this information to track all U.S. and overseas securities litigation cases filed or settled which pertain to clients’ holdings. This approach ensures that no fraud related losses in clients’ portfolios go unnoticed.

KM provides clients with monthly monitoring reports as well as sending periodic Investment Alerts describing meritorious litigation opportunities that identify the securities involved in recently filed cases and relevant date ranges. For clients who do not wish to participate in broad, custodian account-based monitoring, KM offers Custom Monitoring, through which the firm provides case-specific damage reports and legal analysis of clients’ litigation options.

KM’s Institutional Monitoring Program is complimentary, and client data remains completely secure and confidential. To learn more about KM’s Institutional Monitoring Program, please contact