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  • Big Banks Are Accused Of CDS Market Manipulation Scheme
    07/02/2021 | Law360

    Major Wall Street banks have taken part in a more than decadelong, multibillion-dollar scheme to manipulate the benchmark prices used to value credit default swap contracts at settlement, New Mexico's State Investment Council has alleged in a new proposed antitrust class action.  

  • New York False Claims Act & Tax Whistleblower Podcast
    06/30/2021 | Fraud in America

    Did you know there is more than one False Claims Act? States all across the country passed their own versions, with some being even more robust than the original law!

    On today’s Fraud in America, we examined New York’s False Claims Act, which has a provision allowing whistleblowers to alert the state to tax frauds. Randy Fox and David Koenigsberg are two lawyers who’ve won big tax cases, recovering millions of dollars for the state. They discuss how the New York False Claims Act works, how these cases are different from typical False Claims Act cases, and whether this law could work at a federal level.

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