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Whistleblowers promote essential fairness to ensure that tax dollars are spent as planned and not lost to those who would engage in fraud. Whistleblowers keep securities issuers honest by making sure that false statements to investors are remedied. They buttress the often stretched resources of the government to keep up with fraudsters and protect the interests of people who play by the rules.

An increasing number of laws offer successful whistleblowers financial incentives to come forward with information about frauds committed against the government or against investors. To take advantage of those incentives it is essential to act quickly and with expert legal advice. Kirby McInerney has the knowledge and experience to protect your interests and guide you through the whistleblower process by drawing upon its more than six decades of experience litigating cases involving corporate integrity and financial fraud. KM has also successfully represented whistleblowers in cases of financial fraud, fraudulent customs avoidance, government contracting, and medical billing schemes.

KM attorneys are exceptionally well versed in whistleblower litigation. Most recently, the firm added as a partner Randall Fox, the former chief of the Taxpayer Protection Bureau at the New York Attorney General’s Office, which handles whistleblower cases. Mr. Fox brings a wealth of experience to cases concerning Medicare and Medicaid spending, government procurement contracts, investment cases, and tax frauds.

A whistleblower can be anyone with useful knowledge or information that the government or investors have been victimized by false or fraudulent conduct. For example, they can be “insiders” who work or worked for a company that engaged in fraudulent conduct, or they can be “outsiders” who became aware of the violation. If you have information regarding fraud against the government or fraud involving securities and commodities, or if you have knowledge of other suspicious activity that may give rise to a whistleblower claim, contact us to receive a free confidential claims evaluation.

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